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Friday, September 9, 2016

6 Week Brainstorming with David Schmader

What: Brainstorming Class
When: Sundays beginning October 22 to November 27
Time:  12:00-2:00 pm
Where: Queen Anne Writers' Studio 1911 10th Avenue West
Who:  12 students looking for help getting started, staying focused, and keeping motivated
How much: $299

Class Description:  “Where do I start?” It’s a question that can leave any writer paralyzed. We’ll explore the best method of finding the answer via the chaotic and completely necessary process of brainstorming. At the core of the class is a strategic method of interrogation to help you find the heart of your story and get it on the page.

There are two components to the class the two hours a week in the classroom and the time between classes. Nearly all class will end with students being sent off with a short writing assignment, and classes will begin with the sharing of the resulting work.  (I’m a die-hard proponent of reading our work out loud, and I make sure there’s time for everyone to read.) We will also do in-class exercises related to brainstorming principles and group discussion and commiseration.  The hard and lonely work of actually writing will be done outside of class.

The class is pan-genre–fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, playwriting, lyrics, blog poets, performance art, speculative fiction, even grant writing. Our work will be to break down the largest most-amorphous projects into digestible bits and make the writing doable and enjoyable.

To Register or for questions, please email.  Please note that your spot is secured by your payment.

Teacher Bio:  David Schmader is a writer and performer who’s been living and working in Seattle since 1991. He’s the author of the solo plays Straight, Letter to Axl, and A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem, which he’s performed in Seattle and across the country. Between 1999 and 2014, Schmader served as a writer, editor, and columnist of Seattle’s newsweekly Pulitzer-winning The Stranger. Since the mid-oughts, he's taught his brainstorming course at Richard Hugo House Seattle's Cornish College of the Arts, and Whitman College in Walla Walla, WA.

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