Professional writing instruction in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2 Amazing Classes Offered by 4 Amazing Teachers

with Sonya Lea & Warren Etheridge

When: November 14, 6-10 pm
Where: Queen Anne Writers' Studio
Who: students who are mental health professionals, caregivers, soldiers, veterans, sexual abuse survivors, prisoners, teens, and/or those suffering from trauma related to loss and institutional betrayal. For instructors' bios, please see the links below.
How much:  $100/12 students limit
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How do we author our life story as we're living it? What's the throughline of our life when we keep

In this four hour program, enjoy an experiential introduction with the focus on why we must tell our stories. Become aware of your own truth, and hone a sense of what story is necessary to be told. After a brief break, plunge into a lively session of generative writing. We may use prompts, models and sharing to create an environment to write and witness our experiences.You will leave with a sense of your personal story, as well as writing work toward an essay or story.
For more information about instructors follow links Warren Etheridge & Sonya Lea .

with Andrea Dunlop and Kristina Libby

When: Saturday, November 19th 11-4pm 
Where: The Queen Anne Writers Studio
Who: Authors who are ready to take their careers to the next level 
How much: $169 (Price includes a catered lunch and post class appetizers and wine.) 

Every author needs a skill set that goes far beyond the ability to write a good book. And yet, many don’t know where to begin learning how to build a community or market their work. 

Andrea Dunlop
 In this workshop we–Andrea Dunlop and Kristina Libby, authors and marketing professionals–will help you approach your work holistically–from finding inspiration, to finding an audience, to navigating the publishing process, to developing both short term and lifelong career goals for your writing and author platform.

We'll guide you through our six pillars of
Kristina Libby
success to develop a long-term strategy for your author career that will build your audience book by book and reader by reader. We’re not about one size fits all. In this half-day workshop, you will develop a focused and individualized plan that will fit with your life, career goals, and the market for which you are writing. 

Andrea Dunlop is an author and independent social media consultant based out of Seattle, WA with
over a decade of experience in book publishing. Dunlop began her career as a publicist with Doubleday where she worked with both bestselling and emerging authors to promote their books. After returning to her hometown of Seattle, she worked as publicity manager for Kim Ricketts Book Events, before joining the team at Girl Friday Productions as their executive director of social media and marketing. In February 2016, Andrea released her debut novel, Losing the Light (Atria), and is currently working on a second novel for the publisher, due out in early  2018. In addition to her writing and social media work, Andrea has presented at book and publishing conferences and classes nationwide including The San Francisco Writers Conference, The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Conference, The Pacific Northwest Writers Association Conference, Columbia University and many others.

Kristina Libby is the CEO of S.W.C. a digital marketing and communications consulting firm in Dallas, TX and a professor at the University of Florida. Libby is a serial entrepreneur and storyteller

who routinely writes, speaks and teaches on subjects across a wide range of issues including PR, storytelling, writing and side hustles. She recently published her first book You Don't Need Social Media Unless You Are Doing It Right, on helping small businesses simplify social media, and has written for and appeared on publications like Cosmopolitan, Entreprenuer, More, Forbes, the LA Times and others. She also has a forthcoming podcast on side hustles, called The Creative Class.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Hello, this is David Schmader.  Here (again) with Queen Anne Writers Studio to tell you more about my Brainstorming class, which I’ve taught for years at Hugo House and am now launching for the first time at Queen Anne Writers Studio.

The basics: The main point of this Brainstorming class is to give writers of any genre a method of ransacking their imaginations in a way that reliably connects them to the unique raw material of their stories and reveals an organic plan of attack.

The goal: normalizing that part of writing when you must forsake the quest for perfect composition and clarity to root around in the messy swamp of possibility.

Consider the class a boot camp for practicing two distinct steps: figuring out what you want to say, and figuring out how you want to say it.
Previous installments of the class have included novelists, essayists, poets, monologists, songwriters, screenwriters, even grant-writers. There have been novices just feeling their way into creative writing and seasoned professionals with a specific project to attack. If you’re the type of person who’s always got five project ideas simmering on the back burner, pick one and attack it here.

I like to use classtime for things that can be done only in class—out-loud reading and discussion of drafts, group reading and discussion of supplementary texts. Then I send you off to do the lonely work of actual writing all by yourselves, with directions to bring the results back to class next week. (There’s nothing as generative as a deadline.

Looking forward to working with you.  For more information, please click.